SOI Workshop & Tutorial – Nanjing, September 21st – 22nd, 2017
Posted date : Aug 2, 2017

Nanjing SOI Workshop & Tutorial – September,  21 – 22, 2017

The 2 days event was sponsored by the City of Nanjing, co-organized by SOI Industry Consortium and the City of Nanjing. Over 200 participants attended the workshop and tutorial about SOI applications, SoC development and manufacturing, EDA & IP ecosystem, and the design tutorial for More than Moore SOI ecosystem.

Agenda, Thursday, September 21st

>Design of Advanced Application Processor in FD-SOI, Maggie Qiu, Director, NXP

>SOI Neuromorphic architecture, Nitin Chawla, Director, STMicroelectronics

>IoT processors, Eric Flamand, CTO, Greenwaves

28FDS Samsung Foundry Platform, Suk Won Kim, VP, Samsung Foundry

>22FDX and RF-SOI for China, Zhi Yong Han, Head of China Sales, Globalfoundries

>EDA platformJonathan Smith, Director,  Cadence

>Digitalizing embedded NVMs, Jean-Pascal Bost, CEO, Evaderis

>Embedding power regulation & activity control networks for best SoC PPA, Frederic Renoux, Director, Dolphin Integration

>Design with FD-SOI, Innovation through Collaboration, Kenny Kwan, Director, Application Consulting, Synopsys China


>RF-SOI substrates and technology characterizationMostafa Emam, CEO, Incize

>The application of SOI technology in RF circuit design, Chen Liang, Nanjing Guobo Electronic

>TCAD, EDA and IP to support SOI technologies, Naotomo Hori, Manager of technical marketing, PDK,  Silvaco

>SOI substrate for Connectivity, Power, Imagers, Photonics, Stephen Lin, VP, Soitec

>FD-SOI process flow, Christophe Tretz, Design, SOI Consortium

>FD-SOI Analog & mixed signal, Andreia Cathelin, Fellow, STMicroelectronics

>Reverse and Forward Bias in FD-SOI,  Philippe Flatresse, Soitec

>Review of FD-SOI Technology,  Bich-Yen Nguyen, Senior Fellow, Soitec

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