International RF-SOI Workshop – Shanghai, September 27, 2017
Posted date : Aug 6, 2017

International RF-SOI Workshop, Wednesday, September 27th


This 5th International RF Workshop was focused on IoT, mobile, 5G connectivity, and mmW.


Keynote Speech

Value Creation, Russell Ellwanger, CEO, TowerJazz

>Antenna Tuning Progress and SOI Single Chip Integration for 4G/5G UE, Hidetoshi Kawasaki, GM, Sony Semiconductors Solutions Corporation

>Embrace a Brand New Cooperation in 5G Era, Danni Song, Project Manager, China Mobile

China RF-SOI Ecosystem

RF-SOI in Current and Future RFFE Solution, Joseph Jia,  AVP of Engineering, RDA

>Reconfigurable RF Front End in 5GPeter Li, CTO, Smartermicro

SMIC 0.13um RFSOI Platform Updates, Jeff Zhu, Assistant Director, SMIC

>RFSOI – A Secured Substrate SupplyKerui Wang, Senior Director, Simgui

>RF SOI – To Embrace or Not? Xiaoyong Li, CEO, Will-Microelectronics

RF-SOI Supply chain

>RFSOI: Delivering Performance and Integration for the Next Generation of Mobile, Peter Rabbeni, Senior Director, GlobalFoundries

Engineered Substrates as Foundation of Innovation in RF Connectivity, Bernard Aspar, EVP & GM, SOITEC

>Differential Complementary Millimeter Wave Power Amplifier for 5G using 45RFSOI processDenis Masliah , CEO, IDDO-IC

>Leveraging SOI in RFIC Analog Subsystems, Yoshiharu Furui, Vice Chairman, Silvaco Japan

SOI Ecosystem Participation and Benefits: A Perspective from SCREEN Semiconductor Solution as an Equipment Supplier, Oliver Vatel, Corporate Director, Senior VP, CTO, SCREEN   Semiconductor Solutions

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