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New SOI Textbook (and e-book) with contributions by experts at Soitec, GF, TSMC, Leti and more
Posted date : Aug 8, 2014

A new book entitled Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) Technology, Manufacture and Applications (1st Edition) features contributions by experts at Soitec

New edition of Taur & Ning’s classic VLSI design textbook adds chapter on SOI
Posted date : Jan 23, 2014

In a new edition (2013) of Taur and Ning's Fundamentals of Modern VLSI Devices, the authors have added a chapter on SOI devices.  The first edit

New Fossum & Trivedi book on FD-SOI and FinFETs (available as eBook, too)
Posted date : Jan 23, 2014

A new book by two giants in SOI – Jerry Fossum of U. Florida/Gainesville and Vishal Trivedi of Freescale –  delves into the Fundamentals of

Industry Experts Contribute to New Book on MuGFETs
Posted date : May 14, 2008

Jean-Pierre Colinge brings together work from top researchers in physics, design and fabrication of advanced devices. Jean-Pierre Colinge has ed

Seminal SOI Book from IBM Reissued in Paperback
Posted date : May 14, 2008

Bernstein and Rohrer’s introduction to SOI device physics and design concepts guides students and engineers through the fundamentals. Spring

Books & Journals
Posted date : Oct 31, 2007

SOI Materials and Devices, S. Cristoloveanu and G. K. Celler, Chapter 4 of Handbook of Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, 2nd edition, edit

New Textbook on FD-SOI Circuit Technology from Springer
Posted date : Dec 7, 2005

31 of Japan’s leading SOI experts explain design for ultra-low-power applications   Leading experts expect the next-generation of device

New Edition of SOI Book by J.-P. Colinge
Posted date : Jul 11, 2005

Silicon-on-Insulator Technology: Materials to VLSI is now available from Springer. The third edition of Professor Jean-Pierre Colin

SOI By the Book
Posted date : Apr 18, 2005

A new book, SOI Device Technology by Makoto Yoshimi, PhD, covers the history of SOI, the floating body effect and a variety of LSI applications.