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FD-SOI: The Best Enabler for Mobile Growth and Innovation
Posted date : Aug 8, 2014

The following in-depth analysis, an IBS study entitled How FD-SOI will Enable Innovation and Growth in Mobile Platform Sales, concludes that the

Samsung & ST 28nm FD-SOI Is Major Opportunity, Says IBS (EETimes)
Posted date : May 28, 2014

In an EETimes blog, Handel Jones of IBS says that the Samsung-ST FD-SOI announcement represents a major opportunity. (Read full blog here.) “Sa

Interview: Christophe Maleville (Soitec) on Wafers in the FD-SOI Supply Chain
Posted date : May 19, 2014

Interview with : Christophe Maleville (Soitec) on Wafers in the FD-SOI Supply Chain With FD-SOI entering the mainstream, fabless designers have

SemiWiki: FD-SOI’s the Technology to Continue Moore’s Law
Posted date : Mar 26, 2014

A new SemiWiki post by Dr. Eric Esteve of IPnest entitled, The Technology to Continue Moore’s Law… (click here to read it) argues that FD-SOI

ST Article in EETimes Details How FD-SOI Supports Moore’s Law
Posted date : Mar 19, 2014

  A powerful, detailed article in EETimes-Asia details how FD-SOI Supports Moore’s Law (click here to read it).  Written by Laurent Re

Why Migration to FD-SOI is a Better Approach Than Bulk CMOS and FinFETs at 20nm and 14/16nm for Price-Sensitive Markets
Posted date : Mar 19, 2014

By Handel Jones IBS has recently issued a new white paper entitled Why Migration to 20nm Bulk CMOS and 16/14nm FinFETs Is Not the Best Approac

FD-SOI Keeps Moore’s Law on Track
Posted date : Feb 28, 2014

Take a look at this graph – it's obvious, isn't it? FD-SOI is significantly cheaper, outdoes planar bulk and matches bulk FinFET in the perform

EU report: SOI-based technologies should play important role in capturing new markets
Posted date : Feb 20, 2014

“High performing low power digital technology based on SOI” is an important part of the detailed plan submitted February 14th by the Electron

SOI Reliability Key to SiTime MEMS Lifetime Warranty
Posted date : Jan 31, 2014

(Courtesy: SiTime) The extreme reliability of SiTime's MEMS devices, using SOI technology, has enabled the company to cover all its MEMS oscil

FD-SOI could be “tipping point” for SOI, says supply chain expert
Posted date : Jan 17, 2014

FD-SOI could be the "tipping point" for SOI, supply chain expert Bill Kohnen indicated in a presentation at the Semiconductor Technical Purchasin