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GF: 45nm RF-SOI PDKs for 5G
Posted date : Feb 24, 2017

GlobalFoundries has announced availability of its 45nm RF-SOI technology (read the press release here). Dubbed 45RFSOI, the company says it’s t

NXP, Qualcomm, Skyworks to Keynote IoT Theme in Upcoming IEEE SOI-3D-SubVt (S3S) Conference (San Francisco, Oct.’16) – Late News Submissions Open, Advance Program Available
Posted date : Aug 15, 2016

IEEE S3S Conference 10-13 October 2016 Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport IEEE SOI-3D-Subthreshold Microelectronics Technology Unified Confer

Call for submissions to FD-SOI IP Workshops (prizes!): Dresden (March), Bangalore (April), Shanghai (Sept), Grenoble (Dec)
Posted date : Feb 3, 2016

  Design & Reuse, in partnership with GlobalFoundries, ST, Soitec and Leti, is sponsoring a series of FD-SOI IP Workshops around the

FD-SOI makes analog designers happy (NewElectronics)
Posted date : Nov 30, 2015

A recent NewElectronics article entitled ST’s FD-SOI transistor is set to give analogue designers a new knob to tune parameters, explores the m

Soitec board names CEO Boudre Chairman; Auberton-Hervé Chairman Emeritus
Posted date : Sep 24, 2015

Soitec, the world's SOI wafer leader, announced that the Board of Directors has named André-Jacques Auberton-Hervé as Chairman Emeritus (he fou

ST unveils first FD-SOI products – groundbreaking SOCs for set-top-boxes
Posted date : Sep 10, 2015

FD-SOI champion STMicroelectronics has unveiled the company's first System-on-Chip (SoC) products on FD-SOI. Two multi-core ARM SoC offerings –

SST article details Leti’s Monolithic 3D presentation at Semicon West ’14
Posted date : Sep 1, 2014

An excellent article in SST details Leti's monolithic 3D (M3D) technology, as presented at the SemiconWest 2014 Leti Day (read the full article h

ST Says New Foundry Signed for 28nm FD-SOI
Posted date : Apr 30, 2014

ST has signed a new foundry for 28nm FD-SOI manufacturing, but isn’t yet saying who it is. In a press release issued with the STMicroelectro

Body Biasing in FD-SOI: A Designer’s Nightmare or a Longtime Friend?
Posted date : Apr 30, 2014

By Ali Khakifirooz (Spansion) One of the unique features of the FD-SOI technology is the ability of using a wide range of body bias to modulat

More Good FD-SOI News from DATE Conference – ST, Leti, Mentor, CMP
Posted date : May 22, 2013

At the recent DATE Conference in Grenoble (DATE is like DAC, but in Europe, alternating yearly between Grenoble and Dresden), STMicroelectronics,