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Memoir Systems’ Memory IP Now in ST’s FD-SOI ASICS & SOCs
Posted date : Nov 8, 2013

Memoir Systems has made its revolutionary Algorithmic Memory Technology available for embedded memories in ASICs and SoCs manufactured in STMicro

Semiwiki Bloggers Creating FD-SOI Buzz
Posted date : Nov 8, 2013

Bloggers for the mega Semiwiki site are warming fast to FD-SOI.  Three recent pieces have generated a lot of good comments and discussions – c

IP Value Starts at the Substrate Level
Posted date : Oct 19, 2013

If you say “IP” in the chip business, everyone thinks of cores and design. But in fact, the importance of intellectual property for chips can

Soitec has licensed some of its intellectual property portfolio related to back-side illumination technology for image sensors to TSMC
Posted date : Sep 16, 2013

Soitec, a world leader in generating and manufacturing revolutionary semiconductor materials for the electronics and energy industries, has licen

Fully-Depleted SOI Workshop Follows VLSI in Kyoto
Posted date : Jun 6, 2013

The SOI Consortium's FD-SOI Workshop is returning to Japan. This time it follows on the heels of the big 2013 Symposia on VLSI Technology and Cir

Targeting low-power SRAM for FD-SOI and FinFETs, UK physical IP start-up sureCore has received a £250K grant from the Technology Strategy Board SMART
Posted date : May 31, 2013

Targeting low-power SRAM for FD-SOI and FinFETs, UK physical IP start-up sureCore has received a £250K grant (about 292K Euros or $380.5K) from

GF’s Two Flavors of FD-SOI – Kengeri Explains (Exclusive ASN Q&A)
Posted date : Apr 15, 2013

Subi Kengeri, Vice President of Advanced Technology Architecture, GlobalFoundries Hearing the news that GlobalFoundries would be offering two

Considerations for Bulk CMOS to FD-SOI Design Porting – Key Excerpts
Posted date : Dec 5, 2011

The latest white paper from SOI Consortium members is loaded with technical information. The full paper is available on the website. Here are som

What’s New
Posted date : May 27, 2009

Focus ’09: Power Savings & IP The joint survey we did with the GSA last year clearly indicated that lowering power is a primary driver

45nm SOI
Posted date : Dec 3, 2008

The Foundry Offering. The IP. The Collaboration. > It’s All Here IBM Announces the Industry’s First 45nm SOI Foundry Offering. IBM