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SPOTlight on Smart Power

SOI-based Smart Power Innovator Atmel leads new Medea+ program.

Atmel, a leading proponent of SOI for Smart Power, is heading up a new Medea+ program called SPOT-2 (program #2T205), for Deep Sub-micron Smart-Power Technologies.

The 3-year program aims to develop a new generation of Smart Power Technologies for automotive and consumer applications. More than a dozen partners from industry, academia and research laboratories are participating.

The industrial partners joining Atmel include Bosch, Infineon, NXP, Siemens VDO Automotive, Soitec and X-FAB, most all of whom are active in SOI-related development.

Picogiga Sampling First Compound Substrate Optimized for GaN Devices

Jean-Luc Ledys explains how SopSiC can solve the GaN substrate dilemma.

Picogiga International, a division of the Soitec Group recently announced pre-production availability of SopSiC, a Smart Cut™ engineered substrate for gallium nitride (GaN) based power-switching and high-frequency devices. Customer response has been very positive. Read More

X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG has announced XT06

X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG has announced XT06, its new 0.6 µm SOI CMOS technology with trench isolation, which reduces die size by up to 40% and makes SOI cost competitive with bulk CMOS technology. XT06 technology is targeted at power management, automotive, optical, industrial and other applications that can benefit from smaller die size, less-complex circuit design with fewer loops, higher speed and lower power consumption, the company says.

A New Generation of Structures

Bonding and thinning technologies pave the way to new substrates for MEMS and power ICs, and enable the transfer of finished circuits to new supports.

Layer transfer and direct bonding technologies that leverage molecular adhesion and mechanical and chemical thinning open doors to new generations in advanced and engineered substrates. A spin-off of CEA-Léti, TraciT Technologies has developed these technologies, which are complementary to the Smart Cut™ process. They enable embedding functions at the substrate level, and the creation of entirely new structures through the transfer of fullyprocessed wafers onto different supports. Read More

KORRIGAN Initiative Federates European GaN Efforts

Systems houses and research labs from seven European nations are working together on GaN HEMT technology for critical defense applications.


Defense radar and communication systems as well as wireless communication systems have a drastic need for increased RF performance and high-power, high-efficiency, high-linearity and low-cost monolithic amplifiers operating in the 1–40 GHz frequency range. Read More

Analog Devices recently announced what it said was the industry’s first differential amplifier

Analog Devices recently announced what it said was the industry’s first differential amplifier (diff amp) to achieve the ultra low distortion levels needed to drive high-speed ADCs (up to 380 MHz) for next generation 3G and 4G cellular and broadband WiMAX wireless infrastructure equipment. The company credits it specialized silicon germanium (SiGe) silicon-on-insulator (SOI) process technology for the ultra low distortion.

More Power to You

Philips is building more and more high voltage/power products on SOI. Here’s why.

Since the 1990’s, Philips has been and continues to be a pioneer in SOI-based high-power and high-voltage ICs (handling anywhere from 12 to 800 volts).

Now these chips are everywhere. They’re in smaller, lighter power modules and battery-chargers for a whole host of products, including PC monitors and peripherals, TVs and set-top boxes, DVDs and CD players, consumer electronics, medical equipment and more. Read More

Innovation Accompanies Steady Growth In Power Devices

The power devices market may be small, but it has a strong tradition of pioneering important advanced technologies.

Within the microelectronics world, the power devices industry stands apart. There are very few standards, and overall it represents only about 10% of the mainstream semiconductor business. Applications cover a broad range, including industrial, automotive, traction motors (used in transportation and heavy industries), high voltage DC, home appliances and wind power. Read More

National Semiconductor credits SOI for many of the advantages of its new VIP50 BiCMOS

National Semiconductor credits SOI for many of the advantages of its new VIP50 BiCMOS analog process technology, which it says dramatically improves the performance of its next-generation precision and low-power, low-voltage operational amplifiers, especially for industrial and automotive applications.