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ASN Celebrates a Decade of SOI News, Views and Commentary
Posted date : Apr 21, 2015

April 2015 marks the 10-year anniversary of the first ever issue of Advanced Substrate News, aka ASN, covering news and views from the SOI ecosys

SOI – 3D Integration – Subthreshold Microelectronics: Register now for the IEEE S3S!
Posted date : Sep 13, 2013

(Photo credit: 2013 Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa) Last May, we already let you know about the IEEE S3S conference, founded upon

Hitachi’s tiny mu-chip
Posted date : Dec 6, 2006

Already the world’s smallest RFID chip, SOI makes the next generation far thinner than a piece of paper – while radically increasing product

Full use of SOI advantages enables small, thin, and low-cost RFIDs
Posted date : Dec 6, 2006

A lead developer of Hitachi’s µ-chip explains the SOI benefits. By using SOI, we could make an ultra-small RFID chip. In particular, its exc

Honeywell & SOI: Military, Aerospace and Beyond
Posted date : Jul 11, 2006

Honeywell has sent SOI by Jupiter and to Mars. Now its SOI rad-hard foundry services are charting new frontiers with the industry

SOI has made Hitachi’s newest”µ-Chip” the world’s smallest
Posted date : Apr 6, 2006

• SOI has made Hitachi’s newest"µ-Chip" the world’s smallest, thinnest RFID IC chip ever. SOI prevents interference between devices, en