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Some Like It Really Hot! SOI for 150 to 225C in X-FAB Webinar
Posted date : Mar 11, 2015

X-FAB is running a series of webinars on very high-temperature design the 18th and 19th of March 2015. A pure-play analog/mixed-signal and specia

Soitec and Simgui (China) Partner on SOI Wafer Production for RF and Power Apps
Posted date : May 28, 2014

Soitec and Simgui (Shanghai, China) are partnering on SOI wafer production for RF and power applications. The newly signed deal (read press relea

Industry’s first flexible FinFET uses SOI wafers
Posted date : Apr 25, 2014

A team from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia) has published an article in Advanced Materials (22 February 2014) e

Why Migration to FD-SOI is a Better Approach Than Bulk CMOS and FinFETs at 20nm and 14/16nm for Price-Sensitive Markets
Posted date : Mar 19, 2014

By Handel Jones IBS has recently issued a new white paper entitled Why Migration to 20nm Bulk CMOS and 16/14nm FinFETs Is Not the Best Approac

Soitec article in GSA Forum explores FD-SOI, industry roadmaps
Posted date : Feb 28, 2014

Soitec Sr. VP (and FD-SOI wafer guru) Christophe Maleville has written a very good, high-level piece in the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) F

Debiotech expands target market for SOI-MEMS based solution to Type 2 diabetes
Posted date : Feb 7, 2014

(Images courtesy: Debiotech) Debiotech has debuted the JewelPUMP2, a new product dedicated to the Diabetes Type 2 market, based on Debiotech

FD-SOI could be “tipping point” for SOI, says supply chain expert
Posted date : Jan 17, 2014

FD-SOI could be the "tipping point" for SOI, supply chain expert Bill Kohnen indicated in a presentation at the Semiconductor Technical Purchasin

Foundry, Experts at Shanghai FD-SOI Workshop Indicate Major Opportunities in China
Posted date : Nov 8, 2013

Aiming to promote the benefits of SOI technology and reduce the barriers to market adoption, the SOI Industry Consortium (a group of leading comp

Ready for FD-SOI, Says World’s Largest Silicon Wafer Company
Posted date : Jul 11, 2013

The world's largest maker of silicon wafers, Shin‐Etsu Handotai (SEH) says it's meeting the specs for FD-SOI wafers, and can quickly expand cap

American Semiconductor has announced the FleX-MCU™ product family.
Posted date : Jun 17, 2013

American Semiconductor has announced the FleX-MCU™ product family. Leveraging an SOI starting wafer, the FleX-MCU is the world's first physical